Eco-friendly Shop

EcoRoots is a small business that focuses on increasing awareness of eco-consciousness and eco-friendly practices.

All of their products are reusable and low-waste alternatives to single-use plastic products. For packaging and shipping they use only plastic free and recyclable material. 

The 5 R's of Zero Waste:

Zero Waste
Produce Bags - Set of 9

These reusable produce bags are made of organic cotton. Choose EcoRoots reusable produce bags and be part of the zero waste movement

Reusable Cutlery - Set of 5

Reusable cutlery made out of bamboo by EcoRoots.The set includes a knife, spoon, fork, a pair of chop sticks and a reusable bamboo straw.  

EcoRoots Keep Cup

Say no to single use plastic cups, and show you care for  the environment with EcoRoots KeepCup. 

Grocery String Bag

Reusable grocery string bag by EcoRoots is made from GOTS certified organic cotton. This zero waste string bag can hold upto 40 lbs.You can carry fruits, vegetavles and even bread. 

Zero Waste
Coffee Filter- 2 pack

This reusable coffee filter is made in Colorado from hemp and cotton. EcoRoots Reusable Coffee Filter is a great low waste alternative to single-use paper filters.

Cleaning Kit

This is a starter kit, plastic free essentials for dish cleaning by EcoRoots.This is purrrfect for someone who is looking for sustainable and low-waste alternatives. 

Wooden Dish Brush

The purrrfect zero-waste alternative to plastic sponges. The head of the brush is detachable and is made out of plant fibers. 

Wooden Dish Brush - Replacement Head

A plastic-free dish brush with a bristle made from sisal and a wooden head. This replacement head is made for the Wooden Dish Brush by EcoRoots. 

Zero Waste
Dish Washing Block

This vegan, dish washing block is a purrrfect low-waste, sustainable alternative for washing dishes.The NO TOX LIFE creates a lot of foam quickly and cleans your dishes spotlessly.  

Natural Loofah

Natural loofah by EcoRoots is a versatile zero-waste alternative for scrubbing and cleaning the dishes and kitchen countertops. Natural loofahs are multifunctional, you can also use them for cleaning your body with a body wash soap. 

Stainless Steel Cup

A stainless steel cup with carabiner handles is a great sustainable and durable alternative cup for out door activties. You can easily take it with you for hiking, camping, or any other trip. 

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

The best zero-waste alternative to single-use plastic straws. These straws are 8″ and are dishwasher friendly. 

Reusable. Durable. Eco-friendly.

Dish Scrubber

This dish scrubber is a great zero waste alternative for heavy duty cleaning tasks. The bristles are made out of onion fibers and the handle is made from beechwood. 

Straw Cleaning Brush

A special cleaning brush for your reusable stainless steel or other sustainable straws by EcoRoots. This straw cleaning brush has stainless steel handle and coconut bristle. 

Stainless Steel Tumbler

This stainless steel tumbler by EcoRoots is a great plastic free alternative for grabbing with you for outdoor activties. 

Reusable. Durable. Eco-friendly.